MAP Field Days

Are you looking for an opportunity to grow your community garden, add a component to your neighborhood project, strengthen your youth program or neighborhood outreach, learn strategies to address policy challenges, market your city farm project or create value added products?

The Massachusetts Avenue Project’s Urban Agriculture Training features many practical, philosophical, and experiential opportunities to learn from MAP’s success with urban, youth centered agriculture.

In addition to witnessing the components of a functional urban farm first hand, such as urban fish farming, composting, and value-added food production, participants will be able to engage and observe many of the successful elements in MAP’s youth training program, Growing Green.  Attending the training also means being able to hear from regional experts on food system planning and development, and network with other beginning or established urban farmers.  The day workshop includes lunch and intensive, hands-on training opportunities.

In 2014, MAP kicked off their first ever, MAP Field Days series!

May 4th session topics included:

  • Farm Planning & Management: An in-depth look at the management and function of our urban farm, during all four seasons. Led by Jesse Meeder, MAP’s Farm Manager
  • Aquaponics Basics: Learn the basic principles behind aquaponic fish farming, before an in-depth tour with Q&A of our own aquaponic systems. Led by Jesse Meeder, MAP’s Farm Manager
  • Community Gardening: Are you trying to start a community garden or sustain the one you belong to? This workshop will provide resources for starting and sustaining community gardens as well as strategies for engaging diverse community members and organizations to ensure success. Derek Nichols, Program Manager of Grassroots Gardens of Buffalo and Gerldine Wilson, Community Leader with Grassroots Gardens of Buffalo

*Optional Hands-on Farm Work Session

Each Field Day included Q&A time with farmers, lunch, and a reception with local beer tasting.

MAP Field Days was held at the Growing Green Urban Youth Farm, 389 Massachusetts Avenue, and nearby locations.

STAY TUNED FOR INFORMATION ABOUT FUTURE TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES. We are not currently hosting trainings due to construction on our site. 


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