Please help us raise $1,500 for NESAWG

Two MAP staff and  three youth employees have been awarded partial scholarships to attend the NESAWG conference in Saratoga Springs this November, and we need your help so that we can go.

NESAWG, or the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group, has awarded MAP staff and youth, five partial scholarships, for a total of $400.  We need to raise $1,500 by October 30th to cover the remaining costs, including the remaining registration costs, hotel, and travel costs for all of us.  Please consider making a donation to help us out.  To donate, visit our MAP paypal account at and write “NESAWG” in the notes field.

Samiyah Kinsey, Benjamin Hough, and Serge Muharareni were each awarded an $80 scholarship, as well as Kerri Bejger and myself (Rebekah Williams).  To learn more about Sam, Ben, and Serge, and why they were chosen to represent MAP, click here.

NESAWG is a great opportunity for us and for our youth.  By making a donation, you’ll help us build relationships with sustainable farmers from across the state.  There are multiple ways to donate, the easiest way may be to visit our MAP paypal account at and write “NESAWG” in the notes field.

NESAWG is a 12-state network of over  500 participating organizations.  Their mission is to unite farm and food system practitioners and allies to build a sustainable, just and economically vibrant region in the Northeastern United States.  Their main audience is the practitioners in the trenches, working on farm and food issues from any angle.  So, the conference is right in line with what we do here at MAP, especially related to economic development and policy work.  To learn more about NESAWG, you can visit them online at  The conference is taking place Thursday, November 12th through Friday, November 14th.

We sincerely hope you can help.  All it will take is a few dollars from each of our friends, and we can make this trip happen.  You can either donate online at or contact me to make a donation at (716) 882-5327 x6 or by email at

Thank you for your time and attention, and thank you for considering helping us out.

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