#OurFarmhouse is GROWING!

MAP is in the middle of constructing a new 11,000 square foot Farmhouse to house not only our offices but also a commercial kitchen, education and community resource center, and computer lab for our MAP Youth! The most exciting part of this new building will be the basement, all 3,000 square feet of cold and dry storage for our produce! Stay up-to-date with construction news by following us here!

MAP’s Farmhouse will provide:

  • Employment, training, and leadership opportunities for youth.
  • Increased access for city residents to healthy and locally grown food.
  • A state-of-the-art teaching kitchen for cooking classes, nutrition education, and cooperative food prep training.
  • A meeting and training space designed to facilitate collaboration with community organizations and educational institutions.
  • A hub for community residents to learn about job opportunities in agriculture, share resources, and communicate with one another.
  • An interactive resource library with food and nutrition related information.


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