MAP’s Market-Based CSA

16051419602_9c577c5c22_oMAP’s Market-Based CSA

In 2015, MAP made the tough decision to discontinue the weekly CSA subscription. This came after recently embarking on a very exciting journey towards building a brand new MAP headquarters at 389 Massachusetts Avenue.

In 2015, we continued growing delicious produce, but refocused our efforts on stocking the Mobile Market with consumer favorites. Although we will not be offering a traditional-style CSA, at least temporarily, we are excited to share that we will continue to offer our Market-Based CSA this season!

The relationships we built with our CSA members at MAP are very important to us. While we are departing from the traditional model, we hope our members, and newcomers alike, will enjoy the flexibility of this fairly new CSA model.

A Market-Based CSA functions a bit differently than a traditional CSA. Our new CSA will be market-based, meaning there are no bags or required pick-up times, no forfeiting your share when you can’t make it to MAP, and no unwanted produce. Shares or “credits” can be purchased, on a rolling basis, throughout the season. Shareholders may think of their new share as a debit card, which may be used for ANY PRODUCE at ANY of our Mobile Market locations! This means you will have several chances to shop with us, at several locations across the city. This also means you can use your credits to purchase produce and products from our partner farms and the produce we wholesale in addition to our lovely produce!

Members may purchase a lot or a little. You may shop for whatever produce you need, at whichever market site you can get to. Credits may be spent on vegetables, eggs, herbs, and any of the items we source from local farms and producers.

Members will receive incentives. You may purchase credits in increments of $15, $25, $50, and $100. Each level receives a perk in the form of extra credits. For example, purchasing $25 in credits means you have $28 to spend at our Mobile Market. Each level also includes a free seasonal item! We are currently featuring a bunch of fresh herbs as the free item. Free items will change as the season begins.

We will keep track of purchases as you make them. No need to keep receipts or remember a balance. You can view your current status online or inquire via email or at any Mobile Market location. Members may purchase at anytime and credits never expire.

Our Market-Based CSA is managed by Credibles. Once you have an account, you can leave your wallet at home! Credibles works great for us because it allows us to offer a market-based CSA to our supporters without any hidden fees or excessive paperwork. The Credibles app keeps track of everything for us. You do not need a credit card to purchase credits. MAP will always accept cash at the stand.

Purchase your Credibles HERE! Visit: and choose the level that works best for you. If you run out, you can always re-up!

Never heard the term CSA before? CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. The idea for a CSA came from the desire for farmers and consumers to have a better relationship with one another. A consumer purchases a “share” upfront, and the farmer offers a weekly box or bag of produce, that is ultra-fresh, from their farm. The share is typically pre-packaged, by the farmer, and includes seasonal produce in family-sized quantities. Shares are economical for the consumer and offer the farmer an early-season cash infusion to get things moving for the summer ahead.

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