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2017 The Peoples Food Movement FLYERShouldn’t good food access match the needs of the people?  Organizations from across Buffalo are working together to host the People’s Food Movement, a free, public event to ensure that community needs drive food access and policy.

Among food policy advocates, “good food” is generally recognized as being nutritious, grown sustainably, and produced with fair labor.  Organizers of the People’s Food Movement insist that good food should also be equitably distributed.

The People’s Food Movement will take place on Saturday, April 8, from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Delavan Grider Community Center, 877 East Delavan Ave. in Buffalo. 

At the start of the event, a light meal will be provided by the Buffalo Public Schools’ Food Service Department, showcasing their Farm to School menu items. This will be followed by an interactive education and advocacy session covering topics including:

  • How to implement an urban growers policy in the City of Buffalo (Food Policy Council for Buffalo and Erie County)
  • How to bring a Good Food Purchasing Program to Buffalo institutions (Crossroads Collective & WNY Environmental Alliance)
  • How to support sustainable agriculture through an “organic action plan” (Northeast Organic Farming Association of NY)
  • How to establish a regional network of black farmers (African Heritage Food Co-op & Crossroads Collective)

Families in attendance will also be invited to create art and share their stories related to issues accessing good food in Buffalo.

Click here to pre-register or to stay in touch with event organizers.

Visit the event page on Facebook.

Co-hosts include: African Heritage Food Co-op; Crossroads Collective; Food Policy Council of Buffalo & Erie County; Grassroots Gardens WNY; Massachusetts Avenue Project; UB Food Systems Planning and Healthy Communities Lab

Sponsors include: AARP, Inc.; Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus; Delavan Grider Community Center; Field & Fork Network; Food for All; WNY Environmental Alliance

Do you have a call to action you’d like to share?!  If you have a quick, two-minute pitch about your action item that you would like to pitch to people at the event, click here to download and fill out an action item form.  Return it by Friday, March 31, to Rebekah (at) or by fax to (716) 882-5338.  We will get back to you to let you know if your item made it on to the program.

Become an event sponsor!  We need folks to pitch in financially, physically, and virtually — please get involved!  Organizations can sign up to become an event sponsor and help us make this event a success.  Click here to download and fill out a sponsorship form.  Return it to Rebekah (at) or by fax to (716) 882-5338.

The first People’s Food Movement event was held in Buffalo in 2015.  That inaugural event brought together community members and stakeholders to review One Region Forwards’ “Growing Together: Ensuring Healthy Food, Viable Farms, and a Prosperous Buffalo Niagara” report and brainstorm strategies for achieving the report’s action proposals.  The goal of The People’s Food Movement in 2017 is to engage the community in food issues, advocacy, and policy change in Buffalo.  During the event, participants will be presented with achievable action steps to influence positive change in their own communities.

For questions, contact Rebekah (at) or (716) 882-5327 x6.

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