Donate supplies for a May Day puppet parade!

The Crossroads Collective is hosting a
May Day celebration and puppet parade in Buffalo!

Buffalo will host May Day in 2017 with two day-long puppet-making workshops, followed by a parade, rally, and free skate party on May 7.  The puppet-making workshops will take place on April 23 (at the WASH Project) and April 30 (at the Foundry) from 10am-5pm. Folks from all walks of life are invited to participate, and all events will be free to the public.

To make this May Day celebration a success, we need your help to gather supplies. Kick off your spring cleaning: raid your attics, closets, and those boxes you haven’t opened in years, and turn your trash into highly valuable donations for this community event!  Read on to learn how to donate and get involved…

We are looking for:

•    Masking Tape •    Canvas Drop Cloths •    Primer •    Brushes/rollers •    Trays •    Clothesline •    Tarps •    Lightweight fabric •    Small PVC pipe •    Old hiking backpacks •    Cardboard •    Brown paper •    Rolls of paper •    Newspaper •    Glue (esp. wood) •    Cornstarch •    Buckets •    Stirring sticks •    Clay •    Duct tape  •    Jesso/ clear Jesso  •    Hot plate •    Glue guns  •    Tables •    Staple pliers  •    Wood dowels/ sticks for puppets  •    Acrylic House Paint •    Glitter •    Scrap clay •    Buckets •    Old bike helmets or construction helmets (real or toy) •    Old shoes with laces

All materials can be dropped off at:
WASH Project
417 Massachusetts Ave
Buffalo, NY 14213
Drop-off: Mon-Fri 12-6pm, Sat-Sun 12-3pm

Checks can be made payable and sent to:
Open Buffalo
c/o Tommy McClam
617 Main Street, 3R
Buffalo, NY 14203

If you would like more information about the puppet-making workshops, visit the event Facebook page HERE.

To learn more about Buffalo’s May Day rally, parade, and free skate party, click HERE.

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