Contact Us

Contact Us

For General Inquiries:

Our Office address
Massachusetts Avenue Project (MAP)
387 Massachusetts Avenue
Buffalo, New York 14213

(phone) 716-882-5327
(fax) 716-882-5338

You can also reach specific staff at MAP via our direct phone lines.  Visit our staff page for more information.

For Farm Tours

Farm tours are only being given by appointment during Farmhouse construction. Beginning in June 2018 we will begin offering tours every Wednesday at 4:30pm.  For more information about touring our farm, please email our Farm Manager Katie Pfohl (


9 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Alicia Seguin says:

    Hello. I would like to volunteer Saturdays starting in April. Should I just show up at the farm? Thanks, Alicia

  2. Ashly says:

    You have a youtube channel?

  3. Joe Pucci says:

    Hi, as you know Wegmans loves to support local! I have heard from you from some Buffalo stores and would like to review your product. I am in charge of our Nature’s Marketplace departments and if you would send some samples to me to review i would appreciate it, thanks.

    1500 Brooks Ave
    Rochester NY 14603

  4. Christine Earhart says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I am a Master’s student studying Urban and Regional Planning at SUNY-
    University at Albany, and I am writing my thesis on youth powered
    urban agriculture projects, having had some experience with them
    (Youth Organics: I
    am using Growing Green as a case study for youth agriculture addressing
    neighborhood food deserts.
    So I was hoping you could give me more information than I have been able to find online.
    Mainly in the land use side of how your farm operates, and how the was land acquired for the farm? Is it owned or are they on long term leases?

    I really appreciate your time and cooperation, you have such a great project and I am hoping to learn alot
    from what you guys do. Hopefully I will be able to visit sometime to
    see the work in person.
    Thank you,

    Christine Earhart
    Masters of Regional Planning Candidate, ’12
    SUNY-University at Albany

  5. Lauren Lagowski says:

    I just read the article in buffalo spree that includes MAP and was so disappointed that I didn’t know it existed. Are there any employment opportunities available to people besides the youth? Or even a program where I can learn and/or volunteer? Thanks

  6. Dana says:

    Hello There!

    I am attempting to start a small urban farm (approx. 4.4 acres) in Ohio, including an aquaculture facility, and wanted to get a little information on sewer tax. How large is your aquaculture facility, and how much do you pay for sewer tax and/or permits? We would probably have about 6 750 gallon tanks. I am just trying to get an idea and wanted to speak with a farm directly.


  7. Hannah Koski says:


    My name is Hannah Koski, and I am a master’s student working with the Cornell Small Farms Program at Cornell University to develop a comprehensive and easy-to-access resource guide to urban farming in New York State. I hope that this guide will address the needs and concerns of urban farmers, as well as serve as a tool for the organizations that work with these farmers and promote urban food production.

    As a first step, I would like to identify the informational and resource needs of both urban farmers and urban farming organizations, and have created a survey for this purpose. The survey is a brief set of questions and is available online at the following link:

    I am writing to ask for your participation in this survey in order to ensure that I include the most useful and relevant information possible in this guide. The survey is twenty questions, and should take only about fifteen minutes to complete.

    The deadline for completing the survey is June 15th, 2012. Because your participation is so important to this work, I will send two reminder emails to this effect.

    Please feel free to contact either myself at or (774) 232-0707, or Small Farms Program Director Anu Rangarajan at or (607) 423-2182, with any questions or concerns.

    Thank you so much for your time and help – your participation is appreciated!

    Hannah Koski

    MPS Candidate
    Department of Horticulture
    College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Cornell University

    Cornell Small Farms Program
    Cornell University
    Ithaca, NY 14850
    (607) 255-9227

  8. Lesa Ferguson says:

    When is the exact date of for the bike ride Tour de Farms?
    Lesa Ferguson