Come out for MAP Your Future!

We’re pleased to announce this year’s MAP Your Future program!  MAP Your Future is an after-school service and mentorship program for Buffalo high-school students.  Students will use these opportunities and resources to successfully complete their secondary education and plan for their futures.

Valuable tools will be provided to:

  • pursue higher education and trade schools
  • explore future careers
  • complete college and financial aid applications

Having trouble with specific classes?

  • meet with tutors at little to no-cost
  • visit advisers during designated drop-in office hours

Interested in a specific career?  Click here to view our schedule of Professional Speakers.  Hear from experts on what routes they took and what hurtles they faced on the road to achieve their goals.

Take advantage of this fun, interactive, and supportive program!  To view our calendar of program events, click here.

If you have questions, call me (Kerri), at (716) 601-5662 or email Kerri (@)

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