Chobani supports MAP youth!

In June, MAP requested a food donation from Chobani in support of our 2014 Summer Youth Program. Their donation would help ensure that our 40 youth participants (age 14 to 19) have a good start to their workday.

MAP’s 2014 Summer Youth Program runs Mondays through Fridays for six weeks (July 7th through August 15th), and employs Buffalo teenagers to work on our urban farm and learn about the importance of healthy food access and sustainable farming. Breakfast for each morning  totaled 1,230 servings!  Because most of our youth arrive to work without having eaten breakfast, Chobani’s donation would make sure our youth participants have the necessary energy to be productive and attentive on the farm and while working in our other program areas.

A week later, Karen, the Product Donation Coordinator for Chobani wrote to us to thank us for inviting Chobani to be part of our program.  Although Buffalo is out of Chobani’s allowed donation area, she sent our request to their Vice-President of Philanthropy and they approved the donation!  Chobani sent us 13 cases or 1,248 servings of their Chobani Tubes!

In addition, Chobani approved having it shipped by UPS to us.  So, a week before our program started, on July 3rd, UPS came to our office on Grant Street with the delivery!

We have been so grateful for the yogurt!  Chobani’s donation has truly made work this summer more enjoyable and productive.

Thank you Chobani!!  CLICK HERE to see pictures of our Chobani story.

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